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Osu Clinic

The Osu Clinic, Ito Hospital's affiliated treatment center, opened its doors in the city of Nagoya in June 2004. It shares the same founding philosophy as the Ito Hospital, which is to serve people suffering from thyroid disorders.

The clinic focuses on offering high-quality, specialized medical services to thyroid patients living in the Tokai area. After numerous visits to Nagoya from our Tokyo base over five years before finally deciding on its Naka-ku location in Nagoya city, the clinic began offering services while implementing innovative approaches such as digitalized medical charts and testing systems, preceding its Tokyo counterpart in these areas.

We are proud to say that the Osu clinic has been valued for its services over the years. Many patients with thyroid disorders, not only from to the Tokai area but also from other areas such as Kansai and Hokuriku, now visit the clinic to seek our treatment.

In addition to procedures indispensable for the early diagnosis of thyroid disorders (blood tests, ultrasonography/echography and fine-needle aspiration cytology), ethanol injection therapy for treatment of benign tumors using state-of-the-art technology has been successfully carried out on an outpatient basis. Last year, the Osu clinic relocated from a medical mall to its own premises with a new radioiodine (radioactive iodine) facility essential for diagnosis and treatment of severe Graves' disease or thyroid cancer.

This newly-opened Osu clinic provides the same level of outpatient care as the Ito Hospital. If you are in the Chubu region and have thyroid concerns, please feel free to visit for a consultation.

Should a patient require surgery in the Nagoya area, we perform the procedure with the help of the Marumo Hospital in Meito-ku and the Kamiiida Daiichi General Hospital in Kita-ku.

The Osu Clinic strives to follow in the footsteps of the Ito Hospital. The exceptional level of care at the Ito Hospital was perfected during its 70-year history and continues to evolve. By applying the expertise that has been cultivated over the years at our Tokyo location in a highly-responsive clinic setting, we can offer accurate and gentle services that meet the individual needs of each and every patient.

As a part of the Ito Hospital family, the Osu Clinic looks forward to serving your medical needs.

Koichi Ito, M.D., Director of the Ito Hospital

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About the Osu Clinic

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